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Entertainment room
TV cabinet

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Why place your brand new television on an old entertainment stand? Let us build an entertainment center for your living room that'll be center of attraction. We can custom design your center to accommodate any kind of entertainment media.

Tell us where you want your entertainment center to be installed. Whether it's in your living room or your office board room, our entertainment center will

give you exactly what you need, including shelving space and hidden wire compartments.

15+ years of experience

Are you worried about lack of space in your living room? We'll design an entertainment center to fit the space available. You can even enjoy unique options like concealed TV space or built-in cabinets over your fireplace.


Valley Woodworks, Hacker Valley, can build entertainment centers to match your audio-visual equipment. Rely on our experience to give you the best.

Highly individualized work

Speak to us about your needs and we'll recommend the best type of wood to use and the kind of design that'll be best suited for your home.

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  • Custom designs

  • Various sizes

  • Stains to match your decor

  • Choice of woods

  • Durable products

  • Individualized to fit your home